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O xamã com
o dom da mediunidade.

O Ángel é um canal para a luz e o amor divino.

Através dele, as pessoas recebem poderosas frequências de cura e informações essenciais que permitirão transformar suas vidas. Um xamã com um dom mediúnico, que já se tornou evidente na sua infância. Ele tem acesso a níveis mais elevados ...

Life has become turbulent. Especially the experiences of the last few years have thrown a lot out of their usual concept of life, rhythm, way of thinking, and ...   thrown. Despite these realisations, we still rarely have time to stop and spend time with ourselves and our own thoughts and feelings. And even when we do, or think we do, we don't go nearly as deep as we should.

Attending an ayahuasca retreat gives you the opportunity to spend time with yourself. This can include a mixture of emotions, fears, dreams, hopes, and many other qualities. Give yourself this gift to yourself and have the courage to meet yourself.


Want more details or have specific questions about these retreats? Get in touch with us, find out if this retreat is a good fit for your individual needs.

Informações gerais sobre o retiro

Entscheidung Ayahuascaa zu nehmen
A decisão de tomar ayahuasca

The decision to attend an ayahuasca session should always be made by yourself, not by a family member or friend. Ayahuasca is sometimes presented as a panacea for many ills and can sometimes seem like an easy way out of personal problems. However, it is only a remedy that, when used properly, can serve as a catalyst for the therapeutic process or the process of personal growth. Every person is different and many of our mental processes and inner emotions are uncharted territory. This is exactly where this tool can play a role: It can enable us to become more aware of our feelings, thoughts, behaviour, body and interpersonal relationships. This increased awareness in these areas can enable us to work on these aspects to develop strategies to improve our lives.

You would like to know more about the process, the ceremony, the preparation in advance, ...
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Muito Obrigada!

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